About Us

Actual footage of Alpha Rho being rugpulled.


Our mission is to become a respectable IOTA DeFi community where people can come and safely discuss about upcoming money making opportunities. If we as a community do our research properly, we hope that this will minimise our losses.

NFT collection

DISCLAIMER: You DO NOT need to buy the NFT to become part of our community. Everyone who will respect our community guidelines is welcome to join our media channels.

Fair launch

All apes from the collection will be offered for sale. Whoever wants to join the NFT project will need to buy NFTs, even the founder himself. No NFTs will be held for “marketing”, “team” or any other purposes.

Floor price

By setting up the collection as stated above, each NFT gets a “price floor” of 1/1074 * Treasury value. This is only a speculation and the actual market price of each NFT can be lower or higher than that.


Since the collection is generative, each ape will have a certain rarity score. If you are interested in apes with higher rarity score (rarer apes) then stay tuned to our Discord server because we will leak tool to find out rarity. Rarity score was calculated by applying this method.

Next steps

Until the DeFi on IOTA is ready we will mostly focus on doing research on the upcoming projects, growing our community and just good old fashioned networking. If you like what you just read feel free to join us in completing our mission.


Consider this more of a pipeline that will occupy most of our available time. These are some of the things we will focus on:

  • Forming the DAO after the NFT sales event.
  • Website update.
  • Promotion of our project.

How to join us?

Check out our social media channels on this link.



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A collection of 1074 ape NFTs with a vision to start the degen culture on IOTA ecosystem. Join the culture.