iotapes NFT collection launch details


iotapes NFT collection will be launched on 4/16/2022 at 20:00 UTC on Soonaverse platform. You can visit our space by visiting this link.


Fair launch! Collection is consisted of 1074 apes and ALL apes will be offered for sale. Whoever wants to join the NFT project will need to buy NFTs, even the founder. No NFTs will be held for “marketing”, “team” or any other purposes.


Collection price will be 200 Mi per NFT. Early apes had a chance to become early supporters by participating in whitelist events. By completing tasks they earned awards that granted them discounts on the sale event. The collection has 10% royalty fee which directly goes to our treasury.


There are no limits on the number of NFTs that anyone can purchase. Early apes with discount awards don’t have limits either.


Our iotapes NFT collection is a generative collection which means that each ape will be randomly generated. The collection in total has 105 traits distributed over 8 categories. Traits from each category are randomly chosen to create each ape in a unique way.


Before purchasing the NFT kindly educate yourself about our project.

TL;DR: We are using NFT sales to form a treasury and each NFT owner is becoming a shareholder and a DAO participant. The treasury will be used to earn profits from the upcoming DeFi protocols on IOTA.

Read more about our project on this link.



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A collection of 1074 ape NFTs with a vision to start the degen culture on IOTA ecosystem. Join the culture.